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WERC: Western's Employment Resource Centre

Need help with your resume, cover letter, CV, or personal statement? Looking to update your LinkedIn profile? 

In-person WERC services are now CLOSED for the academic term and will re-open in September 2019. Our e-advising service for resume, cover letter, CV, personal statement or Linkedin profile feedback operates year round! See below for further details.

Visit the Resumes and Letters resources found on our website and the Resume and Cover Letter module on for resources and tips on writing resumes, CVs and various letters you will need for your job search or for program application.

E-advising - it's a thing!

Get feedback on your resume, cover letter, CV and/or personal statement from anywhere, at any time! Simply email your resume, cover letter, CV and/or personal statement to to get feedback. Please remember to include:

You should expect to receive email feedback on your document(s) within 3 business days.

Important: Before we are able to provide you with feedback, you must activate your Western ID on the CareerCentral system.

Our CPAs are happy to provide you with constructive feedback (e.g. format, overall appearance, relevant content etc.) on your application documents, but please be aware this is not an editing service.

E-advising LinkedIn Profile Feedback

In order for us to be able to provide you with LinkedIn Profile feedback through E-Advising, you must enable public access to your LinkedIn Profile (if you don’t, we won’t be able to see your full profile):

Allow others to see your activity feed:

Choose who can follow your updates:

Email the link to your LinkedIn page to to get feedback. Please remember to include:

You should expect to receive email feedback on your LinkedIn profile within 3 business days. Please note this is not an editing service.

If you require job search assistance or have any other career-related issues beyond resume and cover letter writing, please contact our office at 519-661-3559 to book an appointment with a Career Educator.