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Job & Company Research

Job seekers require knowledge of industries, companies, and job roles when planning for their careers. To do that, job seekers need research skills. The quality of your research skills is essential to job searching, so make the commitment to improve your research techniques.

Information is the most important tool in job hunting. Employers value those applicants who have taken the time to research their organization, as it demonstrates interest in the company and the job.

Three Critical Times to Conduct Research

  1. Starting your job research - Identify companies in the industry that you wish to be employed and focus on the geographic locations where you would accept employment. Search current job listings to identify those organizations that are currently hiring.
  2. Applying for a job – Be sure to tailor your cover letter and resume for each employer that you contact. Make reference to the company name and job title when submitting an application.
  3. Interviewing – If you have been invited to an interview, read the job description again and research the company. You will want to demonstrate your knowledge of the organization and impress them with your enthusiasm for the job.

Determine What Information to Research

Information Sessions and Career Fairs

Many companies come to campus each year to profile their organization and advertise their job opportunities at employer information sessions and campus job fairs. Take advantage of these opportunities to speak to the representatives from these companies. Pick up any handouts, ask for a business card, and take the time to ask questions. To view upcoming events and employer visits, visit the Student Success Centre web page and the CareerCentral “events” database.

Resources for Researching Employers, Companies & Organizations

Government Websites and Directories

Online Directories and Profiles of Organizations

Organizations in London

Organizations Beyond London

Company Websites

Company websites can be found using the online directories above. Google can help you find them too.