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Types of Jobs

There are so many different types of jobs – the possibilities are endless. However, that can sometimes make career decision-making seem quite daunting. Luckily, there are many resources to help you become better acquainted with the thousands of jobs out there and, more importantly, to help you narrow down the job that fits your skills, interests, personality, and values.

National Occupational Classification

Did you know that there are over 30,000 jobs in Canada?  Plus, for each of those 30,000 jobs there are many variations on each job name which results in over 2 million job titles.  That is a lot of options!  These job titles are organized in a system called the National Occupational Classification, or the NOC for short.  The NOC is updated in partnership with Statistics Canada according to 5-year census data so it reflects the most up-to-date and accurate information about the Canadian labour market that there is.  The NOC organizes all job titles into 10 skill types and 520 occupational groups.  The 10 skill types are:

  1. Management Occupations
  2. Business, Finance, and Administration Occupations
  3. Natural and Applied Sciences and Related Occupations
  4. Health Occupations
  5. Occupations in Social Science, Education, Government Service, and Religion
  6. Occupations in Art, Culture, Recreation, and Sport
  7. Sales and Service Occupations
  8. Trades, Transport, and Equipment Operators and Related Occupations
  9. Occupations Unique to Primary Industry
  10. Occupations Unique to Processing, Manufacturing, and Utilities

The Working in Canada website, in conjunction with the NOC, provides a complete list of all 520 occupational groups.  Exploring this list will provide you with an incredibly comprehensive look at the occupations that exist.  On this site, you can also search an occupation and learn more about the environments in which you will find that occupation, associated job titles, related occupations, as well as prospects in this field, necessary education and training, and average wages.  This information is vitally important to consider when making your personal career decision.

The Nonprofit Sector

With over 1.2 million Canadians employed, the nonprofit sector is uniquely positioned to offer a range of careers that are dynamic, engaging and rewarding. Whether in the fields of social services, health care, community housing, the environment, sports, recreation, arts or culture, there are countless career paths for people who share the sector's common vision: to make a difference. 

Click here to access an online tool for exploring careers in the nonprofit sector.


There are many resources available that are aimed at helping you narrow down this large list of job titles to one that best fits you.  At the Student Success Centre, we offer one-on-one counselling appointments, workshops, personality and interest assessments, and a comprehensive career library that can help you make sense of the thousands of jobs titles that are out there. CareerCruising is also a very helpful resource to use while trying to clarify your career goals. And remember, with that many job titles listed in the NOC, there is a great job out there that fits all of your needs!