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Understand the Economy

Understanding the Canadian economy provides helpful knowledge for your career search.  This knowledge provides you with a better understanding about the types of industries that exist in Canada and which of these industries provide the most jobs to Canadians.  Of course, it isn’t advisable to make career decisions based solely on this information as the economy is constantly changing and, therefore, an industry that looks promising at this time may look very different in 5 or 10 years.  Economic knowledge is just one of the many pieces of information that can help you to make an informed career decision.


Canadian industries are divided into 2 sub-sections: the goods-producing sector and the service-producing sector.  Examples of goods-producing industries include agriculture, construction, and manufacturing.  Education, health care, and finance are some examples of service-producing industries.  The service-producing industries employ roughly 75% of all Canadians, with trade and health care having the highest employment numbers in this sector.  Manufacturing boasts the highest employment numbers within the goods-producing sector, with a large percentage of this field being centred in our area of Ontario. 


Ontario's industry closely reflects the industries of the country as a whole.  The service-producing industries make up the largest percentage of economic activity in the province, with trade and health care providing the highest employment numbers in this sector.  The highest employment numbers in Ontario in the goods-producing sector come from the manufacturing industry which accounts for nearly two-thirds of this sector's employment numbers.


London’s largest industry sector is the manufacturing industry employing approximately 16% of the workforce.  London offers great economic diversity which helps to provide a wide range of employment opportunities for its citizens.  The graph below shows exactly how diverse the economic picture is here in London.  The London Economic Development Corporation works hard to provide up-to-date information and resources regarding the economic situation within London and is a very helpful resource for anyone who wishes to live and work here beyond completion of their university degree.