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Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR)

Opportunity Date: Recruitment Programs are open for applications for a limited time in the fall.

Eligibility: Students in their final year of studies, or graduates.

Overview: The PSR program hires college and university graduates for different entry-level positions in the federal public service. You may apply to both individual opportunities and career-stream inventories through PSR.

How it Works:

  1. Create a My Account profile on the Public Service Resourcing System. My Account is an online application and screening tool for positions in the federal public service.
  2. Browse opportunities in the “Apply Now” section on the PSR website.
  3. Click “Apply Online” at the bottom of each posting of interest. Make sure to review the posting  carefully, to see if your education and experience matches the requirements.
  4. Some fields will be automatically populated from your profile, so be sure your information is up-to-date.
  5. Respond to other questions, specific to each advertisement, about your skills and experience.
  6. Review your application and submit it for each opportunity.
  7. All applicants are asked to take the Public Service Entrance Exam online, which includes the Test of Reasoning, and may also include the Test of Judgement. You may only write the test once, and your score will apply to all jobs you apply to under that year’s PSR program.
  8. If you pass the online tests, you will be invited to attend a supervised testing session.
  9. Check your test results on the My Jobs File approximately six weeks after completing the test.
  10. Candidate referrals begin after the initial assessment stage, and your status in the process is noted on your My Jobs File. Referrals to hiring organizations will be ongoing throughout the year for the career stream inventories.

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Lead Department: Public Service Commission of Canada

More Information:

Student Bridging

Opportunity Date: Ongoing, as available

Eligibility: Graduating students who have experience in the federal public service working in one of the three student programs: the Federal Student Work Experience Program, Co-op/Internships, and the Research Affiliate Program.

Overview: Bridging enables the transition of graduating students, who currently work or have worked in the federal public service, into full-time positions after they finish their degrees. To be eligible for the bridging mechanism, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have been employed through a federal government program such as FSWEP or Co-op at least once during your academic career.
  2. You must succeed in completing your academic program. In other words, you must be able to provide proof of graduation from an accredited academic institution.

Please note, these opportunities are based on the demands of each organization, and it is not obligatory to bridge currently employed students in the public service into full time positions.

How it Works:

  1. Speak to your former or current supervisor about possible opportunities in your department or elsewhere. Or, contact human resources at the organization in which you’d like to work to find out if they use bridging, or if they have bridging opportunities.
  2. Graduates must meet the qualifications for the position and the conditions of employment to be considered when applying for available opportunities.

Learn more from the Public Service Commission

Lead Department: Individual Organizations

Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL)

Opportunity Date: Applications are due in October of each year, and the process of selection lasts until the spring.

Eligibility: Candidates must demonstrate a record of academic excellence; have relevant policy experience of significant breadth and depth; have been awarded a graduate level distinction or scholarship (e.g., Rhodes, Trudeau or Fulbright scholarships, Governor General's Gold Medal); have demonstrated strong leadership and achievement through extracurricular activities; and be fluent in one official language, all of which will allow them to take on significant responsibility in forming Canada's policies. Find more eligibility information here.

Overview: This program is for high-achieving professionals and graduate students across all domains of education, and recruits candidates to mid and senior-level policy work in the Federal Public Service. Leadership, excellence and initiative must have been shown throughout the candidate’s academic, volunteer and professional career. The program is highly competitive and includes a rigorous selection process. Only 20 to 40 people are selected each year out of over 1600 applicants.

How it Works:

  1. Create a My Account profile on the Public Service Resourcing System, which is an online application and screening tool for positions in the federal public service.
  2. Click on Apply to RPL to access the application, which is open for two weeks in the fall. Changes can be made up until the closing date.
  3. When the application period ends there is a two to three week screening process after which all candidates are notified of their application status.
  4. Selected candidates are interviewed over the next several months, and references are checked after the interviews to establish a group of qualified candidates.
  5. Later in the spring, finalist candidates are placed in a partially assessed pool. They can then be hired into a permanent position in any organization within the federal public service, depending on the particular position requirements and the skills of the candidate.
  6. The RPL pools are valid for two years after their creation.
  7. Successful candidates are paired with previous RPL participants, who can help them network and find potential enriching opportunities.

Find out more about applying to the RPL here.

Lead Department: The Public Service Commission