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On Campus Jobs

There are many opportunities for on-campus employment.  Think about the type of experience you want and the skills you wish to develop. Explore Western’s website to understand the different services, faculties and departments where you may find student employees.  Also consider asking your friends, professors, and departments for ideas of where you might work on campus that would align with your goals.

Below is a list of on-campus departments who have hired students in the past.  We recommend that you contact these departments directly since employment needs change regularly.  This list is not exhaustive and it is not a list of departments with available jobs; this is a list of departments who have hired students in the past.  Many departments will hire in February for the following fall, so start early!

International Students:  The International and Exchange Student Centre provides helpful information about working on campus and in Canada here.

Tips on contacting services, faculties and departments

Your contact might sound like this

“Hello.   My name is . . .  I am a student in (year, program).  I notice that you have a variety of students who work in your department, and I was wondering if you will be hiring any more students for this year.  .  .  .”

If the answer is no, “Is there a typical time of year when you hire students?  When do you suggest that I check back with you? Would you be aware of any other departments that may be hiring students in this area?” (e.g. research, retail, customer service, etc)

If the answer is yes, “I wonder what the next steps would be if I were interested in applying for a position.”  Don’t forget to ask about the application process and deadline.

If you are looking for help with your resume and cover letter, please visit Western’s Employment Resource Centre (WERC) in the UCC 210.  For questions about searching for a job you can make an appointment with a Career Counsellor, stop by The Student Success Centre in Room 210, UCC or call 519-661-3559.

Good luck in your job search!

List of departments who have hired students (This is not a list of departments with available jobs)