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How to Apply

Applying to graduate school, professional school or a post-degree program signifies you have made a very important decision about your future career direction. Ensuring you have completed the application process correctly and in a timely manner is essential to increasing your chances of pursuing this path.  The application process for any post-degree program is quite different then the process of applying to an undergraduate program.  Generally speaking, each school and program have their own application process and therefore, you must do careful research on their specific requirements and apply to them directly.

A helpful resource for seeing you through the decision and application process is CareerCruising.  This site allows you to research schools that match your areas of interest and educational background. It also provides details regarding the program and their application process and links you directly to the school site. 

Application Timeline

The following timeline outlines the steps involved in applying to a post-degree program and the typical timeframes that are associated with each step. This is meant as a rough guideline as each program’s application process is so different.  Please be sure to take careful note of the deadlines associated with your programs of interest.

Third Year

  • Explore programs of interest.  Familiarize yourself with entrance requirements and deadlines.
  • Register to take your entrance exam if necessary for admission to your program of interest.
  • Begin to study for entrance exams.  Preparation manuals and training are available.

Summer Before Fourth Year

  • Begin to write your personal statement.
  • Contact programs that interest you and request information.  A visit to campus may help you decide which school best fits your needs.
  • Write your entrance exam.
  • Contact suitable professors and employers and ask them if they would be willing to act as your reference. 

Fall of Fourth Year

  • Narrow down your program choices and print off the necessary application materials.  Be sure to double-check all application deadlines at this time.
  • Re-connect with your references, provide them with any necessary reference materials, and be clear about their deadlines.  Collect these references once complete.
  • Complete a rough draft of your application forms and any supplemental material that is needed.
  • Share your application material with professors, trusted friends, and the Writing Support Centre for revision and editing help.
  • Request your transcripts.
  • Finalize your application material and submit.
  • Follow-up to ensure that all application material has arrived.

Winter of Fourth Year