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Is Grad School For You?

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The decision to go to graduate school is a big one! Graduate school adds value to many undergraduate degrees, and most people will need some type of education beyond their first degree. Most professionals such as lawyers, doctors and teachers require preparation which must occur in professional programs. Many other occupations require graduate education in order to enter management or decision-making roles within organizations. While a graduate degree may offer more chance of higher paid positions, there is no guarantee.

Do your research before you begin. Choose carefully, and for the right reasons.

Good reasons to go to graduate school:

Not so good reasons to go to grad school:

Reasons to work before you go to grad school:

Questions to ask before you register for graduate school:

  1. Why do I want to go to graduate school?
  2. What are my career goals? Do they require a graduate degree?
  3. Do I have the energy to work even harder, as well as the resources to be a student for several more years? (Seriously consider this especially before embarking on a PhD).
  4. What do I want to specialize in? What are my areas of strong interest?
  5. Where do I want to study? What schools offer the best programs for my interests?
  6. How will I finance my graduate education?