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Professional Memberships

Consider joining professional organizations which offer many benefits before you formally enter the work world. These may include memberships in local, regional, national or international professional organizations. You may even have opportunity to serve on committees within these associations. If you are just beginning to plan your career and have not pursued professional membership(s), now is a great time to get involved - it will help you enhance your resume or CV and expand your career contacts.

Besides strengthening your resume, there are many perks which you may not be aware of in joining professional organizations. Memberships help you gain an understanding of the issues and challenges facing people in your profession. This information may be needed to help you clarify your career decisions. They often also provide you with networking opportunities and contacts which may help you in your future job search. Student memberships are usually either very inexpensive, or often free, and indicate to a potential employer your commitment to the profession.

Benefits of joining professional organizations may include:

Note: When including Professional Organizations on your resume or CV, include only those that are relevant to the job or program to which you are applying. Usually these are included in a bulleted list, and include the dates of your involvement and your position within the organization (i.e Student member) Also, while it is your choice, be aware that mentioning your association with organizations that can be perceived as controversial may increase the chance of employer bias and reduce your chance to be invited to an interview.


Professional Affiliations:

    Student Member - Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association          2009-2010
    Student Affiliate - American Psychological Association                                     2009-2010