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This section introduces you to the “paperwork” you will need as you begin your job search. In North America, resumes and cover letters are still the most widely used documents in the non-academic job search process. CV’s (curriculum vitae) and cover letters are used for academic and research positions.

The internet has greatly changed the process of applying for work – you will need to understand which documents are being requested and how the employer would like to receive your information. Frequently, large employers have their own application process and you will need to insert your information into their format.

Other employers may wish to have documents submitted online, by mail or in person. It is important to respect and follow their instructions.

We have provided a number of resources in this section which provide information and examples which can help you prepare your documents. In addition, The Student Success Centre hosts a daily resume drop-in centre, Western's Employment Resource Centre (WERC), which can assist you.

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