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Combined Resume

This format combines the features of the chronological and functional/skills based resumes and promotes your key credentials and positive qualifications.

Similar to the functional/skills based, headings are based on skill areas. Under these skill headings, information is organized similar to that found on a chronological resume – it is based on work experience in reverse chronological order.


Consider using 2 - 4 of these skill sets as possible headings:

For more skill set options, see the section ‘What Skills Do You Have?’.

Other headings that may be found on a combined resume include (some are required):


  • works well for almost any type of job seeker
  • allows you to target a particular position or organization
  • emphasizes skills and experience
  • minimizes gaps in employment
  • takes time to prepare
  • may have difficulty deciding which heading best fits with certain experiences (any one job may be suitable for more than one skill heading) or how to group your experiences.