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Functional Resumes

This resume highlights and focuses on your relevant skills and abilities. It groups your experiences in terms of skills as opposed to a chronological list of specific positions. The skills that you highlight will be those that match with your experience and the position being sought. Since this resume highlights skills, it de-emphasizes where, when, or how they were acquired; therefore, dates, job titles, or company names are not prevalent.


Consider these skill sets as possible headings:

For more skill set options, see the section ‘What Skills Do You Have?’.

Other headings that may be found on a functional/skills based resume include (some are required):


  • showcases transferable skills
  • minimizes gaps in employment
  • de-emphasizes lack of experience
  • useful if moving towards a position not directly related to a degree or previous work experience
  • skills can be drawn from all areas including: paid employment, volunteer experiences, club/team membership, interests, education
  • can be difficult to prepare and organize, especially the first time attempted
  • unfamiliar to most employers
  • arrangement of information and lack of dates may cause suspicion
  • does not clearly state where or when you acquired certain skills