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A career objective can help you focus your resume and your job search. It clearly informs the employer about the position to which you are applying and is placed on the first page of your resume under your Contact Information. A good career objective is short – usually one sentence or phrase - and is directly targeted to the job. Remember - the goal of your resume is to get an interview so your career objective needs to be clear, relevant, and honest.

When Should I Use a Career Objective?

Consider using an objective when you know the position in which you are interested. If you are applying to a company without knowing what specific position, a Summary of Qualifications might be a better choice. If you have a professional degree and are, for example, a Teacher or a Speech Pathologist, you may not need to state the obvious. If you do choose to use an objective, remember to focus on what you can do for the organization rather than what you are hoping they will do for you.

Weak Objectives:

Strong Objectives: