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Thank You Letters

During the job search process, you will meet many people who will provide helpful assistance to you. They may have given you helpful career information, a list of relevant contact names, served as a reference for you, or interviewed you for a job. Sending a thank you letter to each person who has had an impact on your job search is a perfect way to express your appreciation. Always ask for a business card from those individuals you have met throughout your job search - this will give you proper contact information for your thank you letters.


Suggested format

1st Paragraph:

Express your appreciation (for the interview, the opportunity to discuss the position at the career fair, the information they gave you, etc.). Convey your gratitude for their time and the courtesy shown to you. Mention the date of the contact.

2nd Paragraph:

Personalize it. Mention one or more helpful points that you learned from your time with the letter’s recipient. You may summarize your main credentials or mention a skill or experience that you were not able to expand upon during your contact, but remember to be brief.

3rd Paragraph:

Reaffirm your interest in the position if the thank you letter is in regards to a job interview.

Offer your thanks one last time.