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Balance Life and Work

It is important to find balance between your work life and your personal life. Work – life balance has been recognized as a key component in one’s health and happiness and in one’s productivity at work. While this might seem like a simple task, most people find this balance difficult to obtain.

A study from the University of Toronto (Scott Schieman (U of T) and his co-authors Melissa Milkie (University of Maryland) and PhD student Paul Glavin (U of T) found that as many as 50 per cent of people bring their work home with them regularly. This study describes the stress associated with work-life balance and the factors that predict it. They discovered that:

Striving for work-life balance is a life-long challenge. Many successful people struggle with giving too much time and energy to work and feel the effects on their health, relationships, and ultimately, their happiness. Regularly take inventory of how you are doing managing your career and your personal life, strive for a healthy balance, and make the changes needed to ensure that you and your family are living the lives to which you aspire.