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Health & Safety

Insuring that the workplace is a safe and healthy environment, which is free from hazards or danger, is covered under federal and provincial law. This is largely a provincial responsibility and, therefore, provinces might differ in terms of how they apply and enforce the law. It is highly recommended that you check the legislation for the province where you plan to work to ensure you understand the health and safety obligations of both you and your employer. Federally regulated employees would be covered under specific federal guidelines rather than provincial mandates.

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Key Points Regarding Workers Rights in Canada:

Before You Begin Your New Job

The Young Workers Awareness Program sponsored by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) suggests seven things you should know regarding workplace safety:

  1. What you don’t know can hurt you.  There are hazards in every workplace and, as a young and inexperienced worker, you are especially at risk.
  2. What you do know can save your life.  It is essential that you are able to identify the hazards in your workplace.
  3. You have the legal right to protect your health and safety.
  4. You, your employer, and your supervisor(s) all have legal responsibilities to make sure the workplace is healthy and safe.
  5. Your employer and your supervisor(s) must ensure you have the information or required training and equipment you need to protect yourself.
  6. If you are injured or become sick at the workplace, you must report it to your supervisor.
  7. Don’t gamble with your health and safety.  It’s not a game. You need to protect yourself.