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Interested in collaborating with students to meet your organization’s goals?

Western's Experiential Learning Team is focused on developing collaborative partnerships that benefit local and international communities, while contributing to students’ learning and development.

We do this through Community Engaged Learning courses in multiple disciplines, as well as co-curricular programs such as Alternative Spring Break, Orientation Serves and the Western Serves Network.

Whether you have a project you would like students to work on, or a service you would like them to provide your organization, we can help you make the right connections.

Why Partner?

  • Recruit extraordinary volunteers and/or future employees
  • Build a strong connection to the University
  • Gain access to resources (e.g. researchers, grants, space)
  • Bring new ideas and insight to your organization
  • Mentor students and contribute to their learning

We Commit To

  • Building effective, sustainable and reciprocal partnerships
  • Listening carefully to understand your needs
  • Creating a shared vision and learning outcomes for each partnership opportunity
  • Aligning our program learning outcomes with your organization’s goals to help each other build capacity
  • Encouraging reflective practice as an essential component of each experience
  • Engaging in regular assessment of CEL programs in order to continuously improve partnerships and outcomes
  • Creating environments where diverse perspectives are valued and encouraged
  • Ensuring that power is shared and maintained in a balanced, ethical and respectful way
  • Advocating for CEL as an institutional priority to promote meaningful and long lasting partnerships
  • Recognizing and celebrating your contributions to students’ learning

Your Role as a Community Partner

  • Complete an Experiential Learning Partnership Agreement
  • Complete a project/service proposal
  • Orient students to your organization and the project/service opportunity
  • Define expectations with the students to ensure a mutual understanding of the purpose and intended outcomes of the opportunity
  • Provide necessary guidance and resources to students as they complete assigned projects/service
  • Communicate concerns regarding student conduct, safety, and project/service progression with the appropriate CEL Coordinator
  • Provide ongoing feedback to help us improve our programs and partnerships

Partnership Opportunities

CEL Courses

Orientation Serves

Orientation Month – Timeraiser

ASB Serves

Western Serves Network