Student Success Centre


Volunteer/Employee Recruitment

“It is always an enjoyable experience working with the students. They bring great knowledge and have a strong work ethic. Many of the students are appreciative of the opportunity to gain work experience in a program with no co-op option. We at TVFHT are always impressed by the work the students complete, and is looking forward to many more projects in the future.” – Thames Valley Family Health Team

Connection to the University

“As an organization committed to societal integration, the CEL program really helped to promote our initiatives beyond our traditional stakeholders. Students from the program acted as our ambassadors while contributing through their individual projects.” – Anonymous

Opportunity to Mentor Students

“[Our]commitment to promoting respect to cultural diversity, social inclusion, civic engagement and healthy lifestyle has been greatly enhanced by the students acknowledgment that community engagement is a significant learning venue that has great relevance to their overall university experience.” – Canadian Latin American Association

“Being able to make a contribution to the practical learning experience of our students is a good feeling and I thank you for the opportunity to participate.” – Waste Free World

New Ideas and Insight

“[CEL] gives us an outside look and with that comes fresh ideas that someone outside of our program can see easier then us.  It also gives them a different perspective as to what our program needs to interest outside people which is exactly what we wanted.” – George Bray Sports Association

“This is the third year that I am involved and I hope to be involved in this for many years to come. I am interacting with very bright, exceptional students who are consistently able to shed some new light on my program and to teach me new ways of looking at my project. Thank YOU!” – Middlesex-London Health Unit

“The questions generated by the students were very helpful in focusing our attention on some areas of interest that we had not explored.” – Friends of Captive Animals