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Implementing Community Engaged Learning in Your Course

We are glad that you are considering using CEL as pedagogy for your course. We have created a new online tool, Experiential Learning Central, which can help you understand more about Curricular CEL and how to embed community engagement as part of your teaching process. Experiential Learning Central provides a step-by-step framework that will guide you through the implementation of a CEL Course; it also provides workshops on Reflection and Developing Learning Outcomes.

If you are interested in developing a CEL course, and have access to Experiential Learning Central, please send us an email to We will get in contact with you to provide you with the access and support to embed CEL as part of your course.

Faculty Testimonials

"I believe that a CSL opportunity is one of the most life changing events a student will experience in their university career. As a faculty member, I have witnessed how students, from a variety of academic backgrounds, have come away with a deeper understanding of course material and a meaningful connection to their discipline."

Jim Rule, Faculty of Education

“Engaging with Community Service Learning @ Western is a great opportunity to get involved with the community in a meaningful way. The participating students value the possibility of applying and gaining knowledge beyond the classroom walls. Designing a course like this was challenging and, at the same time, very stimulating. It’s not just an enriching experience for the students, but also for the instructors.”

Juan Bello, Department of Film Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

“At every stage of creation and execution of the Gerontology in Practice course I was wonderfully surprised by the guidance, input and practical help I received from CSL @ Western. Their organizational skills, knowledge depth, wealth of experience, and willingness to help were essential in making this course as successful as it was. I did not expect this level of support. I strongly encourage my colleagues to embark on the journey of creating experiential and service-learning courses of their own.”

Alexsandra Zecevic, Department of Health Studies, Faculty of Health Sciences