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Western encourages students to consider international opportunities to expand the scope of their learning experience.

Global experiences can help students identify and learn about global issues, develop intercultural competencies, and prepare for employment in an increasingly diverse workplace. These experiences can link students with global communities for mutually positive outcomes and reciprocal learning.

Global experiences at Western

Alternative Spring Break (ASB)

Student teams participate in a one- or two-week community engaged learning program in local and global communities. Learn more.

Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs

At Western, Faculty-Led Study Abroad courses and programs are defined as an education abroad activity involving a group of students under the supervision of a Western faculty member.  Students are able to choose from a variety of courses from departments and faculties across campus.  Faculty-Led Study Abroad offers students an experiential learning opportunity in a global context without having to worry about transfer credits and additional tuition.

International Community Engaged Learning courses will be included here and indicated with an asterisk (*) after the course title.

To learn more about the courses and programs that the Student Success Centre support, click here.

If you have questions about Faculty-Led Study Abroad, please contact


Funding Opportunities

Browse through the Scholarships & Funding opportunities available to you Learn more.

Other Global Experience programs offered by Western International

Exchange and Study Abroad

Are you considering attending another university to earn credits towards your Western degree? Learn more about these exciting opportunities. Learn more.


International internships are a great way to gain experience related to your degree and immerse yourself in a different culture and country. Internships are generally defined as "a work placement abroad, usually working in a pseudo-professional capacity, where the primary motivation is educational. Internships may be credit or non-credit and paid or unpaid. Learn more.


Build your international network and experience research methodologies in other countries! Learn more.

The Student Success Centre and Western International partner with Third Party Providers that have gone through their vetting process. Practitioners from this area use the following principles and guidelines to determine suitability of the experience and organization. Students are also able to use these principles and guidelines when researching potential partners.

Are you a Faculty member interested in creating a Global Experience?

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If you are interested in creating a new international program, you can contact Vice-Provost & Associate VP (International) Julie McMullin to inquire regarding support offered by Western International, Student Success Centre and Teaching Support Centre. You can learn about the financial support for faculty members developing new international programs here.

If you are receiving International Curriculum Fund (ICF) support, the Global Experience Coordinator from the Student Success Centre will contact you regarding your initiative.

If you are not receiving ICF, you can contact the Global Experience coordinator at The Student Success Centre, to learn more about the support provided to make your Global Experience a reality.