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Courses 2017/2018

Geography of China Field Course

Course Number: 3901 – Special Topics: China Field Course

Location: China (Gansu, Sichuan, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia)

Cost: $1500 (not including airfare) (2016-17 program fee, subject to change). Return airfare London-Lanzhou approx $1500; food and micellaneous approx $500.

Instructor: Clare Gordon

Pre-Requisite: GEOGRAPH 2041

Description: A group of 5 students will travel to China, July 23 to August 9 2018 (18 days), for the China Field Course. Western is partnering with Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and students will be completing this course alongside students from CUHK.

Information Session: Friday September 29 at 1:00pm in UCC 54A

To Apply: CareerCentral - Experiential Learning > Global Courses > Geograph of China

application open undtil October 15th

Italian Study Abroad Program *

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Cost: $1,900-$3,500 (depending on the length of stay, subject to change), which includes lunch, coffee breaks and snacks, accommodations, monthly or weekly bus tickets for lines connecting Arezzo to Rondine (the trip is around 20 minutes), and some excursions

Course numbers: ITA 1045 Italian for Travellers I (0.5); OR I ITA 1046 Italian for Travellers II (0.5); OR  ITA 2202 Intermediate Italian in Italy (1.0); OR ITA 3040 A/B/ Studies at Rondine Citadel of Peace in Italy (cross-listed with SJPS 3377)

Instructor: Rondine and Western instructors

Pre-Requisite: N/A for students interested in taking ITA 1045 (0.5 credit); ITA 1045 for students taking ITA 1046 (0.5 credit); Italian 1030/ITA 1033 for students interested in taking ITA 2202 (1.0 credit); ITA 1045 for students taking ITA 3040/SJSP 3377

Description: A group of 20 students will be travelling to Tuscany, Italy to improve Italian language proficiency, intercultural communication competencies, global awareness and conflict resolution abilities at Rondine cittadella della pace. Rondine works to promote a global culture of peace and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015. Students from Western will have to opportunity to learn alongside Studentato Internazionale, both groups of students work through their programs of study.

Information Session: November 1, 2017 at 5:30 pm in Arts & Humanities 3R19.

For more detailed information about this course, visit

To Apply: CareerCentral – Experiential Learning > Global Courses > Italian Study Abroad Program

DAN Management Semester Abroad Program

Courses: MOS 3330 – Operations Management, MOS 3367 – Fraud Examination, MOS 3370 – Management Accounting

Location: Radboud University, Netherlands

Cost: Students are responsible for their own accommodations, meals and flights

Instructor: Maria Ferraro

Pre-Requisite: BUS 2257

Description: This is a semester abroad program, with 3 Western DAN courses taught by Prof. Maria Ferraro. Students will live in the residence of Radboud University, a Western partner institution, and be able to enrol is a Radboud course. The group will experience living in another country, connect with students and faculty from the university community, and wider community. They will also learn outside of traditional classrooms by visiting local businesses and organizations and connecting with Western Alumni.

Information Session: Details TBD

To Apply: CareerCentral - Experiential Learning > Global Courses > DAN Management

DEADLINE: February 28, 2017 at 4pm.

Destination Theatre

Course Number: TS 3900

Location: London, UK

Cost: $2500 (not including airfare)

Instructor: Dr. MJ Kidnie

Pre-Requisites: N/A

Course Website:

Description: This half-course equivalent offers undergraduates the opportunity to learn about contemporary theatre and performance in a major international city. A two-week intensive learning experience in either New York or London, England is included as a core component of the course, and our study abroad will incorporate guest lectures, tours, post-performance discussion, and practice-based learning alongside theatre outings.

Information Session: TBD

To Apply: CareerCentral – Experiential Learning > Global Courses > Destination Theatre

Barcelona - Culture Through the Ages (Not offered in 2017-18)

Course Number: Spanish 2150

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Cost: $2300 (not including airfare)

Instructor: Dr. Silvia Perpiñán

Pre-Requisites: N/A

Course Website:

Description: This 2-3-week course in Barcelona explores cultural differences between the Mediterranean life and North American life through artistic expressions, history, food, and values. You will engage with the local culture, discover new places, and be exposed to new perspectives; ultimately, this experience will likely re-shape your identity in the global context.

Information Session: 

To Apply: 

Representing the Holocaust - Museums, Memorials, and the Politics of Memory in Poland

Course Number: MIT 3955G

Location: Poland Cost: $1250 (not including airfare and some meals) (2016-17 program fee, subject to change)

Instructor: Dr. Amanda Grzyb

Course Website:

Description: This interdisciplinary travel course explores the changing landscape of post-Soviet Holocaust memory in Poland through the study of museums, death camp memorials, and other forms of public memory. It includes five meetings between January and April, followed by a two-week trip to Polish sites of memory in May.

Information Session: TBD

To Apply: Contact Dr. Grzyb directly

Music Education Teaching and Learning Abroad Program *

Course Number: Connected to Music Education in Action and Faculty of Education – Alternative Field Experience

Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Cost: $2200 (not including airfare) (2016-17 program fee, subject to change)

Instructor: Patrick Schmidt & Cathy Benedict

Pre-Requisite: N/A

Description: The objective of this course is to create meaningful practical experience of teaching and learning in an international setting. During this initial year, 15 spots are being offered and targeted to 4th year Music Education students and Faculty of Education – Year 2 Bachelor of Education students. Students will connect with children and youth from local schools, community centres and non-governmental organizations to strengthen their understanding and comfort with culturally relevant teaching and learning practices.

Information Session: Held in early Fall. Details to follow.

To Apply: CareerCentral – Experiential Learning > Global Courses > Music Education

Classical Studies - Study Trip to Rome and the Bay of Naples 

Course Number: CS 3050F/G

Location: Rome and Naples, Italy

Cost: $3500-400 program fee + flight (includes room/board, museum and site entry fees and local transportation)

Instructors: Dr. Elizabeth Greene & Dr. Alexander Meyer Course


Description: This program will be an intense and very rewarding three-week experience for Western students who have completed one course from the department of Classical Studies. It is designed for motivated students of archaeology, Classics and history.  Students will be introduced to the monuments and culture of Rome and Italy by visiting iconic sites, such as the Colosseum and the Palazzo Massimo.

Information Session: Check Classical Studies website for details 

To Apply: To Apply: CareerCentral – Experiential Learning > Global Courses > Study Tour to Rome

Faculty of Education - Alternative Field Experience *

Practicum Opportunity

Location Options: TBD

Cost: $2000-$4000 dependent on location & community partner (2016-17 program fees, subject to change)

Description: Students taking part in their second year of the B.Ed program are able to complete their second Alternative Field Education experience within an International Education specialization, and International Community Engaged Learning specifically. Students will have a choice to partner with Amizade in Germany and Poland with a focus on the Holocaust, Companeros in Nicaragua with a focus on education, health and research and Outreach360 in Dominican Republic with a focus on equality of access to education and teaching English.

Information Session: Details TBD

Aging Globally: Lessons from Scandinavia *

Course Number: HS 3091

Location: Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)

Cost: $3000, subject to change (not including airfare) (Includes accommodation, ground transportation, breakfast, dinners and some lunches, partner fees and cultural activities)

Instructor: Dr. Aleksandra Zecevic

Description: Students will be introduced to healthcare systems, public health policies, homecare delivery practices, hospitals, long term care homes, and aging research in three Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.  The objective is to explore and identify what we can learn from arguably the best healthcare systems in the world when it comes to disease prevention, management of chronic disease and health-related quality of late life.

Information Session: September 28th at 12:30pm and October 10th at 4:30pm. Rooms TBD

To Apply: CareerCentral > Experiential Learning > Global Courses > Aging Globally: Lessons from Scandinavia

Community Through Choral Arts *

Practicum Opportunity

Location: Nelson, BC

Cost: TBD

Description: Students will have the unique opportunity to travel to Nelson, BC, partner with a youth choir from the area and engage in performances that address cultural awareness, social justice and diversity.

Auditon: Saturday, October 28th.
To Apply: Email

Spanish for Beginners *

Course Number: Spanish 1030

Location: Dominican Republic, in collaboration with Alternative Spring Break

Cost: $2400 (ASB 2017 fee, subject to change)

Instructor: Ana Garcia-Allen


Description: Students registered in Spanish 1030 will have to opportunity to participate in Alternative Spring Break in Dominican Republic with our community partner, Outreach 360, and given preference in the application process.  Students will partner with local teachers in schools in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic to teach English, plan lessons and develop teaching resources.

Information Session: Information will be shared during class hours in September

To Apply: CareerCentral > Alternative Spring Break > ASB Application

Intermediate Spanish/Advanced Spanish Language *

Course Number: Spanish 2200/Spanish 3300

Location: Cuba

Cost: $1500 (subject to change)

Instructor: Ana Garcia-Allen

Description: Student registered in Spanish 2200 or Spanish 3300 are able to participate in an international community engaged learning option in Cuba.  Students will partner with a local school, long-term care home, and urbanfarm and have the opportunity to connect with local residents, practice Spanish and learn about Cuban culture and history.

Information Session: Information will be shared during class hours in September