Student Success Centre

Internship Interviews

Interview Notifications:

You will receive an e-mail if you are selected for an internship interview. You will also see the interview request through your home page on CareerCentral.

Signing Up for Interviews:

Once you have been notified that you have an interview, you will be able to use CareerCentral to schedule your interview time.

Interview Venue:

On-campus interviews take place at the Student Success Centre in UCC 210.  Employers may also request phone interviews, Skype interviews, or on-site interviews (at company location).

Interview Cancellation Policy:

If you are unable to attend your interview, please call 519 661-3559 or email the Interview Coordinator well in advance of your scheduled interview time. Students who fail to show up for a scheduled interview, and who did not contact the Interview Coordinator, must provide a reasonable explanation to their internship coordinator.