Student Success Centre

Student Procedures

Step 1 - Enrollment (Fall Term)


Students in their third year of study in Engineering, Science, or Management and Organizational Studies who meet the academic requirements - 65% (Engineering) or 70% (MOS and Science) - are eligible to apply to enroll in Western's Internship Program.  International Students (3rd year) can also participate, but will need a Social Insurance Number and a Work Permit.

To Enroll:

Step 2 – Applying to Jobs

Viewing Positions:

Students can view job postings once they have approved for the internship program. Only students accepted to the program have access to the internship job postings.

After logging in to CareerCentral, click on the 'Internship/Co-op' tab.

Read each job description carefully to determine application deadline date, length of work term, start date, and method of application.

Applying to Positions:

Prepare your application documents (as requested by employer) and submit by the specified deadline date. Staff at the Western's Employment Resource Centre can assist students with resumes and cover letters.

Step 3 - Interviews

All internship students who receive an interview will be notified by email.  You will also see these interview requests when you login to CareerCentral.  Interviewees should sign up for an interview through CareerCentral as soon as possible to secure your time.  Most interviews will be held on campus (UCC 210), but some interviews may be off-campus (employer location), or by phone or Skype..

Step 4 - Job Offers

Students have 48 hours to accept or decline an offer.  All students should seriously consider a job offer before accepting.  Reneging on a job offer after it has been accepted is not permitted.

Note: Job offers are given to students as they are submitted by the employer.  Declining an offer does not guarantee a future offer.  Check with your program coordinator to see how many declines are allowed without being withdrawn from the internship program.

Step 5 - During your Internship

All Science and Social Science students who accept an internship position will sign a contract with the university. The fee (approved by the Board of Governors) is based on the length of your work term.

The fee is payable when the internship course is posted to your student account (Registrar's Office).  Internship fees are paid in installments (based on the length of the work term).

Engineering students pay internship tuition fees through the Faculty of Engineering. Contact Engineering Career Services for details.