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Western's Volunteer Program (WVP)

Western's Volunteer Program provides you with practical experience and the opportunity to enhance you learning and civic responsibility while addressing campus community needs.

Through Western’s Volunteer Program, you are given the opportunity to work on a volunteer basis under the guidance of a supervisor from Western or an affiliated institution. These supervisors include faculty and professionals from the Western Campus Community who are willing to mentor committed Western students throughout the year for 3-10 hours a week of practical experience.

You can also take the initiative to arrange your own volunteer experience with a faculty or staff member, in which case the match will need to be registered through completion of the Volunteer Contract of Western’s Volunteer Program.

Students: Becoming a Volunteer

By participating in the program you will have:

How to Participate:

In order to participate in Western’s Volunteer Program, you must complete the following steps:


Step One: Direct Match or Apply for a Volunteer Position

Some volunteer positions require background and/or knowledge of its discipline, other positions just require an interest, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn.  There are two ways in which you can arrange a volunteer position. 

You can take the initiative to arrange your own volunteer work term with a faculty or staff member.  This is the most common way in which volunteer positions are arranged.


Step Two: Complete Volunteer Contract

You must complete a volunteer contract before commencing your volunteer position. You and your supervisor sign the contract.  Forward the completed contract to the department Administrative Officer for authorization.


Step Three: Register as an Associated Person

Next, the Administrative Officer will initiate an online transaction to register you as an Associated Person with Western.  You will receive an email “Associated Person Registration with Western University” from Human Resources with further instructions.  You will be notified by email when registration is complete.

Note to International students:  If you do not have a Canadian Social Insurance Number, please obtain a Register New Associated Persons form from the Administrative Officer instead of registering online. 


 Step Four: Complete Western's Required Training

If you are hired for a volunteer position, you are required to take mandatory safety courses and provide proof of completion to your supervisor.  Two business days after your Associated Person registration (step two) has fully processed, you can join online safety courses on OWL or register for classroom-based training on My Human Resources.

You must complete the online courses listed under Required Training for all Roles.  In addition, volunteers who will be conducting procedures in a laboratory are required to take Laboratory Safety – Hazardous Waste training.  Refer to Required Training based on Work/Study Area to learn how to register for classroom-based Laboratory Safety training.  Additional courses may be required; please confirm with your supervisor what training is required for your role(s) and area.

Step Five: Provide Proof of Training Completion to your Supervisor

When you have successfully completed your training courses, you need to provide your supervisor with proof of completion.




Faculty & Staff: Recruiting a Volunteer

Benefits of participating in the program include:

How to Participate:

Step One: Create a Position

Direct Match Volunteer Position

Students can take the initiative to arrange their own volunteer work term with a faculty or staff member

Step Two: Ensure completion of a Volunteer Contract

Ensure the student completes a volunteer contract (new).  Sign the contract and forward to your department Administrative Officer for authorization.  Next, the Administrative Officer will register the student via the Registered Associated Persons process in order to provide the student system access to required training. 

Step Three: Inform student and verify completion of required training

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that all volunteers have completed mandatory training including specialized training required for lab work.  Inform the student of the specific training they require based on their role and work area (read more).  Review the student’s submitted proof of completion to verify that they have completed the required training.


Required training for Volunteers

Important: Once you have completed your required training outlined below, please provide your supervisor with a copy of your course certificate for each completed training course or your Training Summary (read more).

The following training courses are MANDATORY for all volunteers enrolled in Western’s Volunteer Program. For more information on how to join these courses on OWL, please visit:

Western’s Employee Health and Safety Orientation. This 40 minute session will give you information regarding your basic rights and responsibilities and those of other workplace parties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario; you will know what a workplace hazard is and how to respond to the, as well as information regarding campus fires, emergencies and how to report workplace accidents and incidents.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS). Please note that WHMIS training is Western-specific. Even if you have a WHMIS certificate from another source, you must take Western’s WHMIS training.

Safe Campus Community. This 40 minute session will provide you with information to identify harassment, violence and domestic violence that emerges in the workplace, understand your rights and responsibilities in regards to these issues and know what to do when and if these issues arise.

Accessibility in Service. Western is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities. This course provides information on the requirements of the AODA’s Accessibility Standards

Additional courses may be required; please confirm with your supervisor what training is required for your role(s) and area.  

Laboratory Safety – Hazardous Waste.  This 3-hour classroom based training is mandatory for volunteers who will be conducting a procedure in a laboratory.  The above web link provides upcoming session dates and instructions for registering on My Human Resources.


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