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Western Serves Network

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The Western Serves Network (WSN) aims to connect community organizations in the London area with the support they want.
Community partners are welcomed to submit group volunteer opportunities, and the Western Serves Network team will work to find students to support your organization and its initiatives. Organizations are welcome to submit both one-time, and ongoing volunteer opportunities.

The WSN provides an opportunity for Western students to build meaningful, reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationships with local organizations in the non-profit community, while offering a volunteer base capable of helping local groups to achieve their goals.

The Western Serves Network aims to fulfill the needs of community partners for a variety of event types and projects:

- One-off events and requests

- Reoccurring / on-going events (ex. Support for a group that meets weekly or monthly)

- Project based requests (ex. A group of students requested to develop and implement an event, or work toward a longer term goal)

The WSN is about the community of Western engaging with the community of London. 

The Benefit of WSN

The Western Serves Network is more than a volunteer network that connects Western students to the broader London community and non-profit organizations that tackle ongoing social issues.

It is beneficial for Western students as it gives them real-world experience, develops their transferable skills and offers a sense of civic engagement outside the classroom.

It is beneficial for the community of London because it offers them fresh perspectives, a connection to learning activities and the retention of graduates. 

It is beneficial for Western University considering that it strengthens relationships with communities, makes good on the promise of education for public good and graduates productive and reflective citizens.

Involvement with the Western Serves Network

If you are a student interested in getting involved in the London community through the Western Serves Network:

Log in to  

Click on “Event Calendars” on the left hand side.

Click on “Western Serves Network”, also on the left hand side. Choose an event and register! One of our student leaders will be in touch with more details to organize as the event draws close.

You can also join our roster and receive regular updates on upcoming projects and initiatives.

Just send us an email to, and request to be added to the roster.

Want to get more involved? Western Serves Network is accepting volunteers for Team Leaders to help facilitate opportunities for other students. Please visit the “Campus Leaders” board under “Job Postings” on CareerCentral for more information. Deadline is February 20.

If you are a community partner looking to recruit volunteers:

Please fill out the following form, and we will be in touch shortly. Please note that we cannot guarantee student volunteers, and that the program only runs from September through April.