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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a co-curricular activity?

A co-curricular activity is an experience you participate in from an outside of the classroom focus. This means, you don’t get academic credit for the experience, but it allows you to develop very specific personal and professional skills and abilities. Student Leader positions at Western may count for the record; most will be not paid, and some that include a stipend. Paid internships don’t count for the Record.

Is a co-curricular activity different from an extra-curricular activity?

Both activities happen in an outside of the classroom setting; however, co-curricular activities aid in personal or professional development and are pursued for more than social or recreational reasons. For example: an Executive Council or Club position will be considered a Co-Curricular activity, whereas playing basketball with your friends would be considered extra-curricular.

Why should I consider using the WCCR if I can create my own record of co-curricular engagements?

There are two main reasons why the WCCR can help you: 1) it’s developed with a learning and development framework recognized throughout Canada and 2) all the activities that count towards the record will be validated.

What does it mean to have a validated activity?

Every activity on the WCCR has a validator associated with it. This person will verify if a student was actually involved in that activity. This means that whenever a recruiter, non-profit organization or other association/organization receives a Co-Curricular Record from Western, they will know that a staff/faculty member at Western has given its approval.

How can I get a copy of my Co-Curricular Record? Where do I have to go?

The WCCR is managed online, which means you can get a copy of your Co-Curricular Record at any time. You just need to log into CareerCentral and select “Print my Record” at the top of your main page.

What if I do not have a CareerCentral account?

A CareerCentral account is required in order to access the WCCR. Don’t worry, registration is easy! Simply register for an account by entering your information and then you’ll be able to access the WCCR.

Can I add activities I have done in previous years?

No, the WCCR does not allow activities to be added retroactively from previous academic years, so it is important to ensure you are always keeping your record up to date!

When I print my record I see an Authenticity Code. What does that mean?

Every Co-Curricular Record is assigned a unique authenticity code. Any person who sees this record can verify the authenticity of the document by going to the webpage and inputting this code. All a person has to do is go to and input the authenticity code.

Why does one club or activity count as a co-curricular, but another similar activity does not?

It may be the case that particular activity does not meet the standards of a co-curricular. Certain clubs, for example, may meet the requirements of a co-curricular because they are more academic or professional in nature than others, which are more social or recreational.

Can I add an activity to the WCCR?

Yes! One key feature of the WCCR is that it is built to evolve and grow over time. A request may be submitted on CareerCentral to have an activity added to the WCCR, so that the WCCR will always be an up-to-date reflection of the different activities offered across Western

Will I be notified if my request is declined?

You will be always notified if an activity request has been declined.

If my validation has been declined, will the activity appear on my record?

No, a declined activity will not show up on your personal record. You may, however, re-submit an activity request that the validator may then accept.