Do you want to:

  • Meet new people with similar interests?
  • Gain valuable and transferable skills?
  • Learn more about yourself?
  • Broaden your experience outside the classroom?
  • Develop communication skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you will benefit from getting involved on campus in one of the many leadership roles available to Western Students.

For many Western grads, the most memorable university experiences and personal connections develop beyond the walls of the classroom. What kind of experiences do you want to have when you leave Western?

The Student Success Centre offers multiple student leadership opportunities for upper year students. You can also get involved in many Other Campus Leadership Opportunities, from student government to club executive.

Excellence in Leadership Awards
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Success Leader Program
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Leadership Education Program (LEP)

The Leadership Education Program (LEP) is a free program providing Western undergrads with the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge that will help them become truly effective leaders.

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Leadership Opportunities

Leadership opportunities available throughout the Student Success Centre

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Other Campus Leadership Opportunities

Beyond The Student Success Centre, there are numerous opportunities to become involved and develop your leadership skills.

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