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The Leadership Education Program (LEP) is offered free of charge to all undergraduates at Western University. It is driven by a team of volunteer student facilitators and our Committee members. Most of our positions are primarily occupied by students in senior years of study (year 2 and above). It is mandatory that all LEP  team members have completed at least one workshop.

If you are interested in joining our team please fill out the application form available at Western Career Central. After logging in, click on the "Leadership" tab on the left side of the page, and then "Join the Leadership Education Team." 

Please note that for facilitating only, recruitment takes place in late August, early September. LEP Committee recruitment also takes place in the late August, early September. You will be contacted by these timelines once you fill out the online form. If you have any questions, please contact

Please note: Anyone interested in applying for a committee position or to be a LEP facilitator must submit their application by September 11, 2018. Both roles file their applications through the link above, and attach a resume in the process.

Note: All our positions are unpaid.

Be a Facilitator

Facilitation is an exciting endeavour that will see you take existing content and develop your own method of delivery to present the workshop to small groups of engaged students. Facilitation skills are a highly sought after asset; facilitating with LEP provides a tremendous opportunity to further your listening and speaking skills while meeting engaged students among both the facilitation team and the workshop attendees.

Be a Committee Member

The LEP Committee supports the LEP Student Coordinator and the Student Engagement Programs Coordinator, in running LEP. They help plan the LEP Summit and plan other events that improve the LEP experience for the participants. The positions available are Facilitation Educator (note: must be a current LEP facilitator to apply), Marketing Coordinator, Events Coordinator and Program Administrative Chair. See role descriptions below for more information.

Program Administrative Chair Role Description

Marketing Coordinator Role Description

Events Coordinator Role Description

Facilitation Education Role Description