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Workshops are two hours in length, and can be taken at any point during your undergraduate studies at Western University. Scheduling of the workshops is designed to be flexible so that students can pick topics based on interest, however some workshops require a prerequisite so students are encouraged to select carefully.

In order to complete Tier 1 it is mandatory that participants complete the What is Leadership? Workshop, in addition to any four other tier 1 workshops (for five workshops total).

In order to complete Tier 2, it is mandatory to complete the LEP Capstone Workshop, in addition to four other workshops in tier 2 (for five workshops total).  

Your record of workshop completion will span your entire undergraduate career, and many students complete tiers over two or three years. The workshops seek to develop students through eight core values:


Each workshop will be offered in each of the fall and winter terms. Letters of Accomplishment are issued via career central in January (for first semester) and May (for second semester).