Student Success Centre

Tier 2 : Group Leadership

Team Building and Motivation

Value: Collaboration

This workshop will introduce the “Five Stages of Group Development” and give examples as to what each stage may look like. Coming up with name games, activities, teambuilders, etc., is sometimes difficult and knowing when to use which one is also a challenge. This interactive workshop will not only explain some of these activities, but will provide practical experience in team development and continuous motivation.


Values: Collaboration and Common Purpose

Facilitation is a complex communication skill. The information and activities presented in this workshop will provide participants with the skills needed to conduct effective meetings, to moderate discussions, and to appropriately mingle and network in a variety of situations.

Stand Up and Be Heard - Part 2

Value: Common Purpose

Good leaders are able to bring together a group of people through generation of a shared vision and goal. In order to create such influence, leaders need to possess solid public speaking skills. This workshop will examine how voice, gestures and audio-visuals can enhance your public speaking skills. Be prepared to present a brief speech. You will be given time to prepare during the session (or bring one from one of your classes, if applicable).

NOTE: Workshop 3- Stand Up (Confidently) and Be Heard - Part One is a very strongly recommended prerequisite for this workshop.

Conflict Management

Value: Controversy with Civility

Learning how to anticipate and identify potential conflicts is one of the most important leadership skills - by knowing our own conflict management style and being prepared, we can effectively deal with these situations. Conflict has both potentially negative and positive outcomes, and by being aware of them, we can learn from every interaction. Participants will learn about their own conflict management style, and learn about and practice the five ways to handle conflict situations.

Advanced Conflict Management

Value: Controversy with Civility

This workshop will take conflict management to the next level. After practicing with some real-life situations, participants will learn about the “negotiation model” and the different techniques to deal with some high-end conflict situations. This model introduces the “win-win” tool, which ensures that the interests of all parties are taken into consideration. This advanced four-stage negotiation process will be practiced through scenarios and role-plays.

NOTE: Workshop 11- Conflict Management is a prerequisite for this workshop

Effective Arguments and Critical Thinking

Value: Controversy with Civility

This workshop seeks to blend public speaking skills with the skills used in debating. Western's Debating Society facilitates this workshop and introduces participants to the Point - Argument - Evidence model and to Argumentative speech structures.


Value: Common Purpose

This workshop aims to give participants strategies and skills to connect someone going through a mental health crisis to the appropriate resources and professionals.
Facilitated by a LivingWorks registered trainer, this three hour session will help teach members of the community to be “suicide-alert helpers.”
No prior training around mental health is required.
For more information about SafeTALK, please visit:
*Note that in addition to the event facilitator, a community resource person will also be on site for support

LEP Capstone Workshop

How has participation in the LEP workshops affected you? What have you learned? What changes did you make in your life? How have you developed your strengths? This workshop is designed to encourage reflection on one's leadership abilities, and to discuss how these marketable skills could be communicated to potential employers, or graduate / professional schools.

Please Note: