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LAMP 2.0 is a university-run group led by upper year students, designed to address needs of second-year students. LAMP mentors are high caliber student leaders representing all faculties who are carefully selected and extensively trained. For all LAMP 2.0 Leaders, the second-year experience is still a fresh memory, and they are sensitive to the challenges faced by students.

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Are you going into 2nd year and anxious about course registration? Unsure of your module requirements or what electives to take? Do you wish you could talk to an upper year student who has been through the process before? Well, have no fear!! The Leadership and Academic Mentorship Program is proud to present LAMP 2.0. This program is your only opportunity to request a second year mentor in your faculty and program.

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 Benefits of the Program

2.0 Talks on Tuesdays

"2.0 Talks on Tuesdays” is a weekly speaker series event run by LAMP 2.0 on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30. Talks will begin on October 17th and continue until November 21st, with the exception of October 31st. Each week, we will feature a speaker from our various Western faculties (Engineering, Social Science/Business, Health Science, Science, and Arts). The focus will be on career and graduate planning. This is a great opportunity to learn more about various career paths and interact with leaders in their field! For more information, please see our event page


"My LAMP 2.0 mentor has literally become my friend. I realized that without a soph this year, I wanted an upper year's experience and knowledge would be beneficial. When I met my LAMP mentor , we found out we had a couple classes together. We have now become friends and I wish her the best in her Graduate program. She helped me a lot this year and I am grateful for her :)"

"My LAMP Peer Mentor was extremely helpful. He was very approachable and was a great help."

"LAMP 2.0 helped alleviate the anxiety I had about entering third year."