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LAMP Leadership

The LAMP Leadership program is designed for first-year students and allows them to develop leadership skills, connect with community organizations and connect with others. The team is supported by Student Coordinators (2) and Leadership Chairs (8).

Meet the Team

Avi Cherla, LAMP Leadership Chair Coordinator


Olivia Ghosh-Swaby, LAMP Leadership Chair Coordinator

Originally from Mississauga, Ontario Olivia Ghosh-Swaby is a 3rd year Interdisciplinary Medical Science and Scholars’ Elective student. Olivia has been an active member of LAMP since first year starting off as a Leadership Committee First Year member, followed by Leadership Chair and now LAMP Leadership Coordinator. She helped coordinate A Mustang Mission and Museum of WesternU Artists as a LAMP member. Her goal in life includes becoming a clinician researcher with a focus on translational and health innovations research. She is actively involved in the science community however doesn’t shy away from opportunities outside of this field. She is an Off-Campus Soph, Junior Varsity Athlete with the Women’s Volleyball Program, and Varsity athlete with the Powderpuff Women’s Flag Football Team. In her spare time she is an artist, enjoys television (Game of Thrones, Brooklyn 99), and loves to cook.

Leadership Chairs 2017-2018

Tony Li, Olivia Jantzie, Emily Yau, Nabeel Mansuri, Rachel Creighton, Saksham Chaudry, Teah Ward, Ethan Urban

Sample Events (2015-2016)

Western 24

Hashtag Lunch


First Year Leadership Committee Application

Applications for the first-year committee will be opened on Friday August 25th, 2017 on Career Central. Applications will be due on September 12th by 11:59pm. For more information, please email