Student Success Centre

LAMP Leadership

The LAMP Leadership program is designed for first-year students and allows them to develop leadership skills, connect with community organizations and gain practical experience in the London area. The team is supported by Student Coordinators (2) and Leadership Chairs (8).

Student Coordinators 2017-2018

Avi Cherla and Olivia Ghosh-Swaby

Leadership Chairs 2017-2018

Tony Li, Olivia Jantzie, Emily Yau, Nabeel Mansuri, Rachel Creighton, Saksham Chaudry, Teah Ward, Ethan Urban

Community Partners (2017-2018)

Coming soon!

First Year Leadership Committee Application

Applications for the first-year committee are currently closed for 2017. Applications for incoming first-year students in 2018 will be released in August 2018.