Student Success Centre

A Message from the LAMP Student Coordinators

Pranav Tandon (LAMP Student Coordinator)

Greetings! My name is Pranav Tandon and I am currently finishing an honours specialization in Microbiology and Immunology with Pathology. Through my involvement in LAMP, I was able to meet incredible students who were passionate about both their academic and personal growth during their time at Western. Being surrounded by such motivated students significantly furthered my own growth as student and led me to discover interests I would never have otherwise glanced at. I was connected to two remarkable mentors during my first two years at Western and their guidance was vital to my success. As a mentor and team leader within the LAMP program myself, I have experienced firsthand the impact mentorship can have on a student’s academic experience.

As one of the LAMP student coordinators, my role is to ensure that mentors are well-equipped to assist students and to coordinate the kinds of programs we offer – ranging from professor meet and greets to study sessions, writing help sessions, destressors to networking events. I am excited to make LAMP the best program it can be and to make it a program which meets the needs of all first-year students. Welcome to LAMP, I look forward to getting to know you!


Thirushi Siriwardena (LAMP Student Coordinator)

Hello! My name is Thirushi Siriwardena and I am delighted to be one of the 1.0 Student Coordinators for the 2018-2019 year. I am a fourth-year student studying Neuroscience and I am therefore passionate about anything and everything relating to neurological functioning, diseases, disorders and research. As a first-year student in 2015, I was first introduced to LAMP through my Peer Mentor, who is still a good friend to me. I have grown and developed as a student, a mentor, and a leader, as I have transitioned from being a Mentee, 1.0 Peer Mentor, 1.0 Team Leader, 2.0 Student Coordinator (for a short period), and now finally a 1.0 Student Coordinator. Thanks to LAMP’s values and its phenomenal community that strive to foster and advance student leadership, this program has significantly improved my university experience, as a result of the friends and skills I have gained.

As a firm believer of the powers of leadership experience, I am an avid advocate of students pursuing leadership opportunities and developing soft skills that are not easily attained in the traditional classroom setting. I strongly believe that everyone has the potential to be a leader and that our ability to work with others and communicate our ideas is truly what will distinguish us in today’s competitive job market, much more than grades ever will. And so, I invite you to join LAMP and make your mark! You can always depend on us to help you thrive academically, professionally and personally. It is inspiring to see how LAMP has expanded considerably over the years and I am excited to see how you will impact the program!