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Leg Up

The next step in your university career begins with Leg Up: An Introduction to Health Across the Lifespan – Western’s first pre-university online course.

As an entrant to Western University, you are invited to join Leg Up and begin your successful start to university.


What is LEG UP?

Leg Up is a free, summer online course designed to give you a glimpse into the topics covered throughout your four years at Western University. Faculty members, along with current and past students, have curated the content for this course such that it mimics the content you will see in your university coursework later on.

If you were a first year student in the 2016-17 academic year, you can access that LEG UP site here.

How can I get started?

Select your program to access the online LEG UP modules.



Health Studies


The modules will be revealed on the following schedule at 8 PM Eastern Time:

Module 1 - June 30th - Available now!

Module 2 - July 11th - Available now!

Module 3 - July 23rd - Available now!

Module 4 - July 30th

Module 5 - August 7th

Module 6 - August 15th