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Tips for applying

The applications for admission to Western are online and can be found on the Welcome to Western website.

If you are being considered as a mature applicant and you are requesting full-time studies, you will also be asked to submit a supplementary form.

Some tips for applying:

Apply well before the stated deadlines.

It takes about 6-12 weeks for an application for admission to be reviewed, and you must be admitted before you can register in specific courses. Space can fill before admission deadlines have been reached, and applications are available well before prescribed deadlines.

You are NOT choosing courses when you apply for admission.

You are choosing a broader area of study; that is, a “Faculty” or “Program”, not your courses (e.g. Psychology 1000, Math 0110A/B, English 1024E, etc.).

You may apply for up to three choices, so if you are unsure, make more than one choice. General first-year Faculties that allow you to test your interests prior to choosing a specific program include: Arts and Humanities, Social Science and Science.

See the First-Year Calendar for an overview of Western degree programs.

Still unsure? Many part-time and mature students choose “Arts and Humanities” or “Social Science” as program areas to begin with, and these choices leave lots of scope for future decisions.

Be as complete as possible about your activities when you were not a full-time student.

The Admissions Office needs to know your activities since high school to present. Do your best to account briefly for all applicable years or it will delay your application.

Do not send any documentation with your application.

Our Admissions Office will notify you of all documentation they require and will provide instructions on how to submit the information. Western’s "Routing Slip" will be helpful when submitting the required documentation. The only thing that goes with the application is your application fee.

If you are applying to any of our high demand programs, choose a second choice program.

Examples of high demand programs include Engineering, Management and Organizational Studies, Kinesiology, Nursing, Media, Information & Technoculture).

It is also important that you check the 'Required Background for Programs' information when making your selections.

Should you have questions about completing this application, you can call the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 519 661-2100 (Press the number 2; then press 2 again to reach Admissions).

The difference between part-time and full-time studies                 

Admission Enrolment may be limited; apply well before the deadlines Enrollment is limited for first-year entry on a full-time basis; apply well before the deadlines; a Mature Applicant Supplementary Form will be required by those being considered as mature applicants for full-time study; spaces typically fill faster for full time than for part time. 
Number of courses 3.0 courses or fewer at one time (all students registered in spring/summer courses are considered part-time students) 3.5 to 5.0 full course equivalents during September to April. 5.0 is the standard full-course load
Tuition fees Charged per half or full course equivalent Full-time tuition fees apply
Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) Eligible for consideration if taking 3.0 courses in each the fall AND winter terms Eligible for consideration
Scholarships Many scholarships require that you maintain a full course load of 5.0 courses over the fall/winter. See the separate link re financial aid for mature students.

Scholarships & Awards

2015 Awards for Mature Full and Part Time Students

Bursaries Some designated for part-time students. See the separate link re financial aid for mature students.


2015 Awards for Mature Full and Part Time Students

London Transit Commission Bus Pass Not available Included in fees; mandatory
Supplementary Health Insurance through the University Students’ Council Not available Mandatory unless student is covered under an equivalent extended benefit health care plan (in addition to your standard provincial coverage). Learn more.