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Tips for Success at University

Learn more by checking out these Skill Building Handouts, brought to you by the Learning Skills, Student Development Centre.

Social Activities

Join our SAGE Society—a community of non-traditionally aged students. We provide an academic and social community within The Student Success Centre. We offer sessions on topics related to learning as well as social times. Email and ask to be added to the mailing list.

Check out the Mature Students website for lots of good information such as awards and bursaries especially for mature students, tips from other mature students and more!

Bus Pass

The bus pass offers unlimited bus transportation for all Full Time undergraduates at Western. The program is effective from September 1 through August 31 annually. Students usually pick up their pass in early September in the UCC. Check this website for more details in late August:

Western Libraries

The Library system is here to help you. Connect with a Resource Librarian and they can help guide you through your research, and help you learn the library system., view tutorials online--

Online Courses (OWL)

Many professors will have an OWL site to support their lectures. Get familiar with using OWL by logging in here:

Get Involved

Western's University Student’s Council (USC) offers a variety of involvement opooruntities.

Not sure what you'd like to get involved in? Try out Western's Involvement Compass.

Prepare for Student Success

Student Development Centre: Writing Support Centre, Learning Skills Services and much, much more.

The Student Success Centre: Our mission is to facilitate the development of career, educational, and life competencies for students and alumni through programs and services that guide successful transitions, foster local and global citizenship, promote leadership opportunities, encourage personal growth, deliver career resources, and ignite active engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are my fees due?

After you have registered in a course(s), the University will assess the amount of tuition owing, and tuition fees will be due shortly thereafter. You can find your account balance at: Student Centre. Information about how you can pay your fees can be found here for both Canadian and International students.

Hard copy fee bills are not printed or mailed. To see an online statement of your account, log into Student Center In the “Finances” section, click on “Detailed Statement of Account”. In the upper right hand corner, you can click on printer friendly form to print out your tuition bill should you require a copy. Payments received after the due date are assessed a late payment charge. 

Need further help? Contact Student Financial Services, 519-661-2100.

How do I activate my Western email account?

Activate your account now if you haven’t done so already. Go to  and use your student number and Access Code. Don’t have an Access Code? Go to Student Centre. You’ll need your date of birth and social insurance number.  How do you use your Western email?

Log in here.

Why is having your Western email account activated important?

Your Western email is the primary mode of communication with the University. Your computer account “userid” is used to access “OWL”, a software used in many classroom and online, distance studies courses. 

What books will I need?

Your instructor will provide you with a book list. For your personalized text book list, go to “my possibilities” at Student Center. Your book list may also be found at the Book Store website The Book Store at Western (519-661-3520.)   To search for your texts, go to “textbook search”, “The University of Western Ontario”, and select the term you will be attending. Look for your section of the course—e.g. section “001” or “650”.  Books may be purchased from any bookstore.

How do I add and drop or swap courses?

The University allows changes in course registration within certain defined windows of time. For a complete list of these dates, see Undergraduate Sessional Dates in the 2015 Academic Calendar.  If you experience extenuating circumstances that require you to drop your course after the deadline, contact your Academic Counselling office and submit supporting documentation. They will consider your request to drop the course after the deadline without academic penalty.

All course changes must be done in writing after the online registration system has closed for your term.

What is expected of me at my class?

At the first class meeting, your instructor will give you a course outline which will list required books, assignment details, an outline of the topics that will be covered in the course as well as any other details about the course that are necessary. Take pen and paper to your first class.

How do I access information about my tuition account, academics and activities at Western?

Go to your Student Center,  

Western Student Identification

The Western ONECard is both a campus identification card as well as a convenient, easy, and safe way to make purchases and use services on campus.  You may obtain your card once you have registered in courses. Bring a piece of government-issued photo ID (such as a driver's license or passport) and your student number to Student Central, Room 1120, Western Student Services Building 

Need parking?

Visit this website for details: