Student Success Centre

Account Activation

Before registering for courses, you need to activate your Western identity (username and password), access your Western email, and investigate your OWL site.

Note: When activating your Western account, you will be provided a “User ID” and a one-time password. While you will eventually create a new password, the User ID will not change, and will be referred to as your “username” by all Western services and websites. 

How to Activate Your Western Account

Students can also access the Do-It-Yourself webpage for account activation, or view the online How-To video for additional support. 

You will need:

Your student number and access code are found on your letter of acceptance. Once you have found this information, please follow the steps below. If you cannot find your student number or access code, skip down to the Missing Information section.

Note: This password is temporary, and will only be displayed for 60 seconds. Be very accurate when copying, as the password is case-sensitive and requires all 8 characters.

Side-note: About your Username and Password: The username will typically consist of the first initial of your first name, followed by the first 6 letters of your last name. There may also be a number following your last name.


Your name:  Joe Smith
Your Western Username: jsmith87
Your Western Email:

Your username will be accompanied by a password.These passwords will consist of eight keyboard characters, and will consist of numbers, capital letters, lower-case letters, and symbols (#$%^&). Your password is case-sensitive, so be sure to know which letters are upper or lower-case!


Your Username: jsmith87
Your Password: aBcD100!

If you are missing information

To activate your account, you must have your 9-digit student number (i.e. 250555555) and your 4-digit access code (i.e. 4444). To retrieve your access code, you need your student number and OUAC number. Below are steps to find your student number, OUAC number, and access code.

Student Number: Contact the Office of the Registrar’s Helpline at (519) 661-2100 during their business hours for assistance (Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm EST).

OUAC Number: Your OUAC reference number was given to you when you submitted your online application. If you have lost it or cannot remember it, please visit the OUAC website to retrieve it (

Access Code: Visit this webpage and select the appropriate link.

How to Activate your Western Email

Your Western email account is the primary method of communication between you and the university. You will receive very important information by email throughout your undergraduate career, so it is important to start checking your account regularly. 

After activating your Western account, you can access your Western email. Notice that usernames typically consist of the first initial of the student’s first name, followed by the first 6 letters of the student’s last name. There may also be a number following the last name. This string of letters and numbers is your username for all of your student accounts.  

* If you have forgotten your password, visit Resetting a Forgotten Password.

To access your Western Email Account, click here. This will bring you to the login page.

Visit this page for common questions related to your email account, and this page for frequently asked questions about Western email.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your Western account or email, please visit Information Technology Services for troubleshooting advice or their contact page for further support options.

Accessing your OWL Site

Your OWL site is where your professors and teaching assistants share academic materials (such as readings, the course syllabus, and lecture notes) and communicate with the entire class (such as announcements, class cancellations, or project reminders). It’s important that you become familiar with the site as soon as possible and continue checking it regularly throughout the academic year, as some of your instructors will only use OWL to communicate with students. 

  1. Open the OWL login page.
  2. Login with your username and password at the top right.
  3. The main page will have a list of folders along the left side (including Resources, Announcements, and Help), your Calendar at the right, and Recent Announcements in the main page area. At the top of the page there will be a list of current sites that you have been added to; this list will change as you enrol in classes and the course begins. You can also view which sites you are enrolled in by selecting the “Membership” folder at the left side of the main page.

During the summer months, there won’t be much information posted to OWL, however the week before classes there may be information posted. Check back often in the fall for updates to course sites.

If you’re experiencing problems with the OWL website, visit the help page for assistance or to submit a question to Information Technology Services (ITS).