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Step-by-Step Course Selection

To enrol in classes at Western, you need to know which courses are necessary for your module. Select at least one module that you want to pursue, and then choose courses based on interest and availability. You can select more than one module, and you are encouraged to have a back-up (just in case!).

What you need to know


There are a variety of terms used throughout Western’s academic material. Below are key terms that you should understand before continuing in course selection. Some terms will have a page reference following the definitions that corresponds with the First Year Calendar.

For more, reference page 77 of First Year Calendar, and the glossary section of the Academic Calendar.


Exceptions to the below requirements are found in the programs in Engineering, Music, and Nursing. Please refer to your faculty website or the Academic Calendar for more information. Students in Scholar’s Electives are referred to their handbook for exceptions as well.

Many programs in the First Year Calendar will require “completion of first-year requirements”. This simply means that you complete the first-year requirements as discussed in this section, and completed any first year courses needed for your program.


 See the First Year Calendar (page 17) for “Course Residency Requirements”.

Courses have their own restrictions listed below their description in the First Year Calendar and the Academic Calendar. Check courses for prerequisites, antirequisites, and other restrictions or requirements. Make sure that you meet any restrictions before you select a course. 

Some common restrictions are:

For more information, see the First Year Calendar (page 17) for “Course Residency Requirements”.

Course Selection

How to select your courses

Start by choosing a module, finding what first year courses you need for your program, adding elective courses, and then making sure that your courses meet all first-year requirements.

Are you in Engineering?  Your timetable and course selection is pre-set! Come to one of our Engineering Specific Orientation days to hear more about your first year experience!

Are you in Music? Visit page 38-39 of the First-Year Calendar for first-year course options, or the Music Department General Information page for information about programs, mandatory classes, and ensembles.

Are you in Nursing? Visit this website or page 34 of the First-Year Calendar for first year course requirements and exemptions.

For further assistance with course selection, register for a Summer Academic Orientation (SAO) appointment. Sign up online here or if you have questions you can call (519) 661-2100!

Planning for Second Year

Common Myths

You may have heard a lot of different things about courses at Western from many people: teachers, parents, past students, new students, students who don’t even go here… below are the truths to some common myths. 

Academic Myths

Social Myths