Student Success Centre

Online Course Registration

After you’ve selected your courses and created a mock timetable, it’s time to visit the Student Centre and register for your courses online!  This is the step that ensures you have classes to attend in September, and will prompt your tuition bill to appear! Be sure to have your pre-made timetable, all necessary information for each course (including class number, date/time, and course code), and your Western login and password before beginning.

The Basics

Logging In

  1. Go to Student Center and log in using your username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, visit this page to reset it.
  2. Ensure that your cookies are enabled and any pop-up blocker is set to allow popups from  

When & Where to Register

  1. You’ll need to check your registration date before attempting to add courses. To do this, you will go to the right side of the page, and check the page entitled “Enrolment Dates”. The next page will list a date and time that you are allowed to start registering in courses online. Until this date/time is reached, you cannot register in courses online!
  2. If you have reached your enrolment day, then go to the “Academics” section and click the “Enrol in Classes” link. This will take you to the registration page. 


Getting Started

Have your mock timetable with you for the next steps. The information you recorded from the registrar’s timetable, such as class number, will make the next steps much easier!  

The Step by Step guide to Course Registration can be found here.

Adding a Course

  1. Enter the class number (I hope you included those on your timetable you created earlier!), or use the “Search a Class” function to find your preferred course by subject and/or course number.
  2. Select the appropriate class and lab/tutorial components (if necessary) by clicking the green “Select” button to the right of the course information. Clicking on the blue hyperlinked information to the left will open a page further describing the section (i.e. instructor, available seats). You can select the section from either page.
  3. Select “Next” to add the class to your Enrolment Shopping Cart.
  4. Continue to search and select courses until you have all your necessary courses. When you have selected all of your courses, double check the courses and sections listed in your shopping cart. Ensure that you have the appropriate sections for both lectures and labs/tutorials, and ensure that the total number of courses adds up to 5.0 (see program specifications for exemptions).
  5. Click on “Proceed to Step 2 of 3” to confirm your course selections.
  6. Click on “Finish Enrolling”.
  7. Review the results. All of your selections will either have a green checkmark (which indicates that your selection was successful and you are now registered in that section), or a red X (which indicates that your selection was not successful and you are not registered in that section). You may need to choose a different course or section to remedy unsuccessful selections. 

NOTE: If your selection was not successful, there should be an error message indicating what the problem is. See this page for other common errors and what the messages mean.

Helpful Hints:

If you have problems with course registration, refer to the Registrar’s webpage and the section entitled “Web Registration Assistance”, or contact the Registration Helpline at (519) 661-2100.

Dropping a Course

  1. Log in to Student Center. 
  2. Under the Academic Section select 'Drop a Class'.
  3. Select the class you wish to drop by clicking in the Select box.
  4. Click Drop Selected Classes.
  5. Click Finish Dropping.

The Registrar's Office also provides a how-to video and PDF that touch on dropping courses.

Swapping a Course

  1. Log in to Student Center.
  2. Under the Academic Section select 'Swap Classes' from the 'Other Academic' drop down box and click the double arrows to continue.
  3. Select the class you wish to swap out by choosing from the list in the 'Select from your schedule' dropdown box.
  4. Choose a class to replace it using the course registration system.  After making your choice, you will be presented with a page with the details on your swap.
  5. Review the details of your swap & once satisfied, click the finish swapping button.  A page will come up with the information about your swap.  The status heading will tell you if your classes were swapped successfully, or if there was an error.

 NOTE: If you’re trying to switch a lab or tutorial section but wish to keep the same lecture section, you can either contact the Helpline (519) 661-2100 or select the same lecture section when going through the Swap process.


Please consult Information Technology Services (ITS) for any problems you may encounter with the online interface.

ITS Self-Service can be found here; their contact information, here.