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Parent/Guest Information

 Western Connections WINTER 2018 Parent Newsletter, intended for parents of students that are in 1st year!


Why Attend our Guest/Parent Orientation?

A smooth transition to University is an important step in the success of first-year students. The Student Success Centre realizes that parents and family members play an important role in this transition. The purpose of Summer Academic Orientation is to not only prepare students for September; but also to allow parents to have their questions answered and to discover how they can help their student through the transition. Parents will enjoy an engaging and interactive presentation where they will learn about a variety of topics from tuition and budgeting to student services and housing options.

Registering for our Guest/Parent Orientation

When students sign-up for their SAO day, they will have the option of adding up to two guests. Please ensure you speak with your student about attending. We will collect your email address during the sign-up process so we can send you our Western Connections, Parent Newsletter 4 times per year. Sign-up begins June 6th. You may access the SAO sign-up here.

Living Situation

The Transition to University

Your student is about to embark on an exciting journey of discovery. Your student will not only be gaining academic knowledge; but also be making discoveries about their identity, interests and values. Students new to university need to learn and adapt to a great number of things: studying in the university environment, living away from home, getting along with others in a diverse environment, balancing a heavy academic work load with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and friendships, and so much more. Western has a variety of events, services and staff members that can ease this transition for your new student.

Your Student’s Wellness

Western is concerned about your student’s wellness. A number of services are available to assist your student in maintaining a balanced, safe and healthy lifestyle.

Financing a University Education

Other Resources

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