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Scholars' Electives Student Association

The Scholar’s Electives Student Association is the voice of all Scholar’s Electives students here at Western. Through increasing the efficiency of communications with both students and administrators, it serves as a vehicle of unity for students, alumni and faculty associated with Scholar’s Electives program. By advocating for students’ experience, facilitating networking opportunities and providing opportunities for growth, the association aims to enrich the academic and extracurricular lives of every person involved in the program.

If you are a Scholar’s Electives student, we are advocating on your behalf. Our goal is to be the backbone of this unique student body, and we encourage you to get involved in any way that you can.

Program Goals and Benefits

Here is a list of initiatives we are pursuing to better your experience as a Scholar’s Electives student at Western:

  • Communicating your concerns directly to program leaders
  • Providing assistance to students in search for faculty research mentors
  • Planning events for networking amongst peers and faculty members
  • Continuously listening to and pursuing your suggestions on how to make the Scholar’s Electives program achieve its full potential


For more information on what we can do for you or on how to get involved, please contact Ronald Chow at

Meet the Team

The executive team:

  • President: Ronald Chow
  • VP Student Events: Michael Borean
  • VP Communications: Anna Rzepka
  • VP Finance: Tharani Anpalagan
  • Secretary: Jaclyn Viehweger

SESA Executive Team