Western ONECard and Photo Standards

Your Western ONECard is more than just a Photo ID Card. The Western ONECard functions as an identification card for exams and with your bus pass; is your library card; your meal plan card; and can be used for door access and vending machine purchases.  It is also required to access Campus Recreation and to pick up a parking permit or keys.

How to upload a photo

The photo upload service for the Western ONECard is available through Student Centre to students who will be attending Western for the first time.  Photos uploaded must follow the Western ONECard Photo Standards.

To obtain your Western ONECard after uploading you will need to visit Student Central.

If you do not wish to use the upload service, please visit Student Central to have your photo taken and Western ONECard produced.

How to obtain your Western ONECard

To pick up your Western ONECard you must present one piece of photo identification such as:

  • Driver’s license;
  • Citizenship card;
  • Passport;
  • Other government-issued photo ID.


If you are a first-year undergraduate student beginning your studies in September and you will be living in residence your Western ONECard will be available for pick up at your residence on move-in day.

If you are a first-year undergraduate student beginning your studies in September and you will be living off-campus your Western ONECard will be available for pick up in Student Central beginning Sunday, September 1, 2019.  Student Central’s office hours are available here.

Note: Your Western ONECard will not be available for pick up prior to the dates listed above.

For new exchange students or new students to the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry or to the Faculty of Education, you will be contacted separately about where you can pick up your Western ONECard.

For all other students, please visit Student Central two business days after uploading your photo to pick up your Western ONECard.

Dos and Dont's for your Western ONECard

Your Western ONECard is durable and built to last the entire time you are a student at Western.  However, stress/torque on the card can affect the antenna, wiring, or chips that are embedded into the card.  Therefore, a little prevention could significantly reduce the probability of requiring a replacement card (for which a fee applies).

Do the following to your Western ONECard: Do not do the following to your Western ONECard:

Keep your card safe.  Your Western ONECard is to be kept for the duration of your studies at Western.  A fee will be charged to replace a lost or damaged card.

Clean your card with a soft, non-scratching cloth and water.

Do not lend your card to others.  Your card is to be used only by you.

Do not punch a hole in your card.

Do not place your card near a magnetic field or computer.

Do not leave your card in direct sunlight.

Do not expose your card to extreme heat or open flame such as a clothes dryer.

Do not machine wash your card.

Do not use your card as an ice scraper or scraping tool.

Do not bend, crimp, or twist your card.

Do not bite your card.

Do not pound or scratch your card with a pen, key, or other sharp tool.

Do not store your card in a wallet that you keep in your back pocket.

Lost Card?

If you lose your Western ONECard and it has a meal plan on it, report it as lost to any cashier on campus or to Student Central and it will immediately be deactivated.  You are responsible for all transactions or loss of funds prior to deactivation.  If you find your card after it has been deactivated, you need to have it reactivated at Student Central to make additional purchases.

Note: A fee applies for ALL replacement Western ONECards

The Western ONECard is issued to you as part of the items to which you are entitled as a member of the Western community and under the following terms and conditions of use.  Please read all terms, as they constitute the legal obligations between you and the University.

Although the card is the property of The University of Western Ontario, it is entrusted to you for your convenience while enrolled at Western.  You may have only one Western ONECard at any time and your card can only be used by you.  Only the person pictured on the Western ONECard is entitled to spend money from the account.

For any questions or problems with your Western ONECard contact Student Central.