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New Graduate Jobs

With graduation fast approaching, thoughts turn to finding your first post-university job. With questions such as, “what is it I want to do?”, “what jobs are available to new university graduates?”, and “where can I turn to for help or information about employment opportunities for new graduates?”, it may sound like an overwhelming task but help and resources are available.

It is said that over 80% of the jobs are not advertised. If indeed this is the case, how can they be accessed? Networking is the key. Learning to connect with those you know and have not yet met becomes invaluable by tapping in to the hidden job market. Participation as student members in professional organizations or in professional network groups will build relationships that could help you access jobs after graduation. Sources of information about these can be obtained on-line with Linked In or Networking Today. Consider events such as employer information sessions, Western’s Career Fair, Job Expo, Career Week, and the Student 2 Business Networking Event as ready-made networking opportunities.  

How Do I Get Started?

Online Resources to Consider