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The experience section of your resume is your opportunity to demonstrate to employers what you have done - what you did at your job and what you accomplished. This is the “prove it” section of your resume where you are able to outline skills you will bring to the workplace. By organizing and describing your experiences in the most relevant way possible, you maximize your opportunities to be invited to an interview.

Where Do I Place the Experience Section?

Most university students and new graduates choose to put the experience section after the education section unless they have strong related employment experience which they think will make their resume a better “fit” for the job.

What Should I Call This Section?

Depending upon your strengths and the style of resume you write, choose between the following headings – or you may choose your own (i.e. Marketing Experience or Teaching Experience):

Under these headings include your title or position (i.e. Intern or Teaching Assistant), the dates you worked (or volunteered), and your place of employment. If you are not sure of the exact title, it is OK to choose one which accurately reflects the position you have held. The next step is to add your accomplishment statements.


Teaching Assistant - 2007 -2009
Teaching Support Centre, Western, London, ON

Kinesiology Intern - 2008
London Health Sciences Centre, London, ON