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First Year On The Job

Wow! You have achieved success in obtaining that first full-time job following graduation. You have overcome another hurdle to reaching your career goal, and yet new challenges lie ahead.  How do you ensure continued success in this new venture? 

What Do I Do To Prepare For The First Day?

If your job is in a different city or town then where you currently live, relocation will be necessary. Knowing that you have to seek out new accommodations, pack, unpack, settle in, and learn about your new town or city can create some sense of anxiety.  Building in plenty of time to complete these activities will reduce your stress considerably. Some important things to keep in mind when relocating for a new job include: knowing where your work is in relationship to where you might choose to live, the best traffic routes to work or buses to take, and the amenities available in the area.  Be sure to look into any moving or relocation support your new employer might offer.

Imagining life in your new job can be stressful.  Obtaining information on things such as the location of parking at work, whether parking passes are required, dress code, and employer identification cards will help to ensure your first day at work goes smoothly.

It’s The First Day And I’m Really Nervous!  Help!

It is very important to make a positive first impression on the first day of a new job.  Some suggestions to help achieve this positive first impression include:

How Do I Survive The First Week of a New Job?

Now that you have survived the first day, you want to continue to 'wow' your new employer and colleagues. In order to do this, you must: 

How Do I Survive the First Year of a New Job?

Employment success for the long-term can be achieved if you:

Success during the first year in a new job can be achieved.  Planning, preparation, and a willingness to learn are key!