Student Success Centre

Tier 1: Individual Leadership

What is Leadership?

Value: Overview of Social Change Model, Reflecting on Personal Leadership Goals

This workshop will help students understand the concept of leadership through interactive discussions, an overview of the Social Change Model of Leadership, and an exploration of students' strengths that can contribute to their leadership effectiveness.

Note that this workshop is required (in addition to your choice of four others) to achieve the Letter of Accomplishment for Tier 1. 

Owning Your Message

Value: Congruence

Is what you’re saying matching what you’re thinking? How you convey your message is MORE important than your message. During this workshop, participants explore the importance of body language, voice tone and modulation, and the words we use in the context of effective communication.

Stand Up and Be Heard - Part 1

Value: Congruence

Leaders often find themselves standing up and speaking on a moment’s notice. It takes a lot of composure, some quick thinking, and a good dose of confidence to speak in an impromptu setting AND say something intelligent. In this workshop, you will learn and practice two frameworks for organizing what you say and how you say it. You will also practice and learn techniques for controlling your nervousness so you can give presentations with confidence.

Career Planning

Value: Consciousness of Self

This workshop introduces participants to the elements of career planning and career decision-making. This workshop is an interactive workshop that focuses on self- awareness and the information and resources needed (and available) to make purposeful career decisions.

Effective Self Management

Value: Consciousness of Self

Time management, being assertive, recognizing and managing stress, and staying motivated are all personal development skills explored in this workshop. Participants will learn about the sources of stress, the advantages of an internal locus of control, and methods to make sure their own needs are met while being a productive and supportive member of any team.

Celebrating Diversity: Using an Anti-Oppression Framework

Values: Consciousness of Self and Congruence

This workshop provides a forum to explore how diversity issues can affect any working environment. Participants will discuss assumptions, biases, power, privilege and intersectionality. Participants will also examine strategies for being an effective ally.

Campus Leadership and Engagement

Value: Commitment

It’s time to put what you have learned thus far in the LEP to practice. How can you create change on campus? Where do you want to commit your time and effort? This workshop will help you become aware of the timing and application processes, as well as the responsibilities, of many student leadership positions on campus. See what campus leadership is all about!

Upstander Training

Value: Consciousness of Self and Congruence

Upstander Training aims to develop a culture of looking out for one another on campus. It is rooted in bystander training programs, which teach people how to be proactive in helping others in need. The purpose of this program is two-fold: to teach Upstander skills applicable to any situation wherein someone might be at risk of harm, and to engage participants in discussions about consent, sexual assault and rape culture. As a result of completing the Upstander training program, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the Bystander Effect
  • Differentiate between bystanders and Upstanders
  • Identify conditions required to be an Upstander
  • Restate the definition of consent, as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada
  • Recognize the conditions required for consent in sexual activity
  • Discuss the behaviours and attitudes that contribute to rape culture
  • Identify Upstander intervention strategies applicable to sexual assault prevention

Mental Wellness: Understanding, Listening, and Referring

Value: Consciousness of Self and Congruence

The Mental Wellness workshop aims to give students a better understanding of major mental health and wellness services provided at Western as well as tools to refer a friend to an appropriate resource. Participants also receive training around active listening and strategies to actively approach coping with stress. Students will also receive information on when to reach out for additional support.