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Tier 3 : Community Leadership

Components of Tier 3 of the Leadership Education Program

  1. Student must have completed at least one tier before beginning service placement
  2. Student must complete a detailed Learning Plan (login to CareerCentral, and click on Leadership)
  3. Student must complete 20 hours of service (service placement/project is to be found by the student)
  4. Completion of several reflection activities related to the LEP Workshops, the service learning placement, and the students overall leadership development journey.

For any questions about Tier 3, please email:

Application Process

  1. Login to CareerCentral, and click on Leadership. Find the Tier 3 module, and then click on Apply
  2. You will now have access to the application form. Select the organization where you want to complete your service, and arrange for a suitable service placement (see below for resources on finding a placement).
  3. Fill out the application package, and review the package with your supervisor. You may want to print the form as a PDF before submitting, so that you can bring this document to your supervisor.
  4. Have your supervisor provide any feedback to the application. Once the application is complete, put your name in and submit the application.
  5. The Tier 3 supervisor will review your application and approve it or ask for a follow up. Once the application is approved, you will be notified by email and will be able to start your placement.

Service Placement Selection

Site selection criteria:

  1. The goals of Leadership Education Program should direct the selection of the service site and the placement should complement the content of the Leadership Education Program
  2. The service activities and experiences must have the potential to stimulate leadership development
  3. The duration of service is sufficient to accomplish learning goals (at least 20 hours)

Students are responsible for finding and arranging their own service placement. To do this, the following resources are available to you:

  1. CareerCentral
  2. Pillar Nonprofit Network Searchable Database of Volunteer Postings

Contact the community organization and arrange for someone at site to act as Site Supervisor. Meet with site supervisor and go over the purpose of the Leadership Education Program and application package.

Service Placement

Students will do no less than 20 hours of service. The specific arrangements on how students will fulfill the 20 hours will be at the discretion of the site supervisor and approved by the Tier 3 Supervisor. The student will be responsible for keeping track of his or her own hours.

Reflection Activities

  1. Students will complete a written or electronic journal throughout their placement (i.e. daily or as a set of hours are finished). Save your journal as a PDF document.
  2. At the end of the experience, students are to submit a 2-page paper reflecting on their service placement, commenting on their leadership development journey throughout the Leadership Education Program from the modules to the placement. Students may choose eight questions to answer from the Reflection Exercise list. Save your Reflection paper as a PDF document.
  3. Students will complete the learning plan chart with specific examples of how each learning objective was accomplished. Journals are to be handed in at the end of the experience through the Reflection module. Login to CareerCentral and click on Leadership. Find the Tier 3 module, and then click on Reflection. Fill out the learning plan chart, and attach both PDF documents (Journal and Reflection Paper)

For any questions about Tier 3, please email: