Grad School & Other Options

“Help - I’m graduating! What do I do next?“  If you are reading this section, you are probably uncertain about your career path, or perhaps you are developing an alternative plan (which is always a good idea).

The decision to go, or not to go, to graduate school is an important one. This is a time to examine your reasons for considering this option, and also a time to look at other valuable options which will help you develop valuable skills and experience that will develop a satisfying career path. There are many options to consider:

  • Graduate schools
  • Professional programs
  • Post-degree programs
  • Community college diploma and certificate programs
  • Internships
  • Employment
  • International opportunities

Consider what you want to do next, how you feel about furthering your education at this time, and the career path you envision. If you are not sure, consider taking a career assessment or talking to a Career Counsellor. Just be sure to DO SOMETHING!

Is Grad School For You?

The decision to go to graduate school is a big one! Graduate school adds value to many undergraduate degrees, and most people will need some type of education beyond their first degree.

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Other Post-Degree Options

If you are considering continuing your education beyond your undergraduate degree, there are many options beyond graduate school.

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Tests & Requirements

A common entrance requirement for graduate and professional school is the entrance exam.  These tests are one component of your application package.  In addition to your test results, a graduate or professional school admissions committee may also examine your university transcript, your personal statement, letters from references, and your CV.  By examining all of these application materials, they are best able to get a full picture of each individual applicant.

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How to Apply

Applying to graduate school, professional school or a post-degree program signifies you have made a very important decision about your future career direction. Ensuring you have completed the application process correctly and in a timely manner is essential to increasing your chances of pursuing this path.

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CVs & Personal Statements

A Personal Statement is a document used when applying to graduate schools or post-graduate programs. It assists admissions committees in getting to know the applicants on a personal level.

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Professional Memberships

Consider joining professional organizations which offer many benefits before you formally enter the work world. These may include memberships in local, regional, national or international professional organizations.

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Licenses & Certifications

Licences and Certifications can add strength to your resume or CV if they are relevant to the position to which you are applying.

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Applying to Law School

Is Law School for you?

Going to law school is a big decision. Many people decide to go to law school because they aren’t sure what they can do if they don’t have a professional degree.  While a law degree can give you financial security and a range of potential career options, it is more competitive than ever before, requires a lot of hard work and, like many other professional degree programs, is subject to ever-increasing tuition costs. Therefore, it is important to explore your reasons for going to law school, do your research and prepare yourself for what you can expect when you get into law school and after you graduate.

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